Environment From a Students Perspective

Environment From a Students Perspective Greens? What is this Kenya Young Greens? These were but a few of the questions I got when I was telling people about Kenya Young Greens (KYG). So in an attempt to explain KYG to somebody I told him “KYG is an organization of youths who are promoting development in an ecologically sustainable manner by empowering the Youth.” It was not the best of all responses  but it is hard to try to contain KYG in a single sentence. But that didn’t seem to faze him as he asked me, “..So what has that got to do with me?” That question got me thinking, what does environment got to do with a university student? A law student? We have the textbook answers, future generations, less pollution, extinction of species and even an occasionaGrass Covered Earthl doomsday apocalyptic story, but for a student who is struggling with studies; books that seem have been designed as weights you might just be speaking Latin for all he cares. Well I did not have an answer then so I told him I’d get back to him. I still don’t have a solid answer now but might as well as do my best to “get back to him”. In our era there are few causes worth fighting for and environmental concern is one of them. However we cannot try to solve these issues without first understanding what is causing them. These problems are multifaceted and must be dealt with as such; If you wish for a charcoal burner to stop burning charcoal then you must empower him with another economic activity, you should also find an alternate source of energy for the consumers of charcoal. Such challenges require new and innovative approaches not just the approaches that have been failing over and over. We also need the youth to do what everyone knows ought to be done yet no one does them. We have In short you must approach these issue with the zeal and zest of youth. Work work and no play makes jack a dull boy; now university is supposed to be a place where you finally learn how to integrate with the society on whatever capacity you can. Yet we find students who read, read, and read and neglect all the other aspects of their lives. In KYG you find young people, not just students meeting each other and getting to exchange ideas and interact with each other. It is in here you get to meet other youth who form the Global Young Greens community. It is also here that you learn not to take this for granted that you previously did; you’ll get to discover some challenges that other people face that you never thought possible. The networks that you form will last you a lifetime. You also get to see the best role models in here who are fighting for the environment, ranging from great and famous names such as the late Prof. Wangari Maathai, to just a common person doing his best for his environment. Environmentalists are among the most hardworking, resilient, strong-willed, persevering, determined and many other adjectives to that effect, groups around. Facing resistance from various groups from people, corporations and even governments for various reasons ranging from ignorance to greed they still charge ahead. It is through such efforts by these people that we find change being made albeit slowly. Environmental awareness has been on the riseand Wangari Maathai being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 demonstrates that. Her determination should be a motivation to all of us. There are also many and numerous opportunities on Environmental issues. This is mainly environmental law that involves policy making through international treaties (conventions),statutes,regulations, and national legislation’s. As a Law student it is obvious that you are in a unique position with the skill set required for these therefore these provide opportunities for employment and a chance to make a difference by formulating policies that have great impact on environmental law. The list could go on forever… So that is what Kenya Young Greens has got to do with us at Parklands campus and elsewhere.. That is what environment has got to do with us as the youth. It has offered you a platform and a chance to make a difference in your own small way so don’t let that opportunity pass you by. By Muiruri E. Wanyoike, The Chairman, Parklands Greens based in Parklands Campus,University of Nairobi


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