The Kenya Young Greens, KYG is an initiative of Kenyan youths promoting the green philosophy that is registered as a society in Kenya since 2007 during a meeting of the global young greens. The Kenya Young Greens is a chapter of the Global Young Greens which is an organization of youths who are 35 and under who agree to the green principles.

KYG Vision statement is “…a humane, equitable, just and ecologically sustainable society.

The Mission of Kenya Young Greens is to “Promote and advocate for a better Kenyan society through a culture of education, communication, advocacy, empowerment and networking with likeminded young people to  further the green principles.”

KYG Objectives

  • Empower Young People within the framework of Participatory Democracy,
  • Create a space for young people to be active without being dominated by  older generations,
  • Address inequalities between organisations and Individuals.
  • Forge strong links between sectors and organizations and
  • Lastly further the Green Principles on planet Earth



Just like Global Young Greens KYG subscribes to the following principles Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Participatory. Democracy, Non Violence, Sustainability, and Respect for Diversity. Political Action: Democracy, Equity, Climate Change and Energy, Governing Economic globalization by sustainability principles, Human Rights ,food and Water ,Sustainable planning, peace and security and Acting Globally.

KYG Values: Teamwork: We value every effort towards achieving our goal, Integrity: We promote Integrity in KYG our work with partners, Donors and grassroots’ networks. Innovation /creativity: KYG strive to work better than we did in the past, we are receptive to new ideas, thoughts and actions and continuously working to improve ourselves and the lives of others the best and easiest way that is sustainable. Determination: KYG believe can achieve the desired change, hence continue working towards it.


For KYG to achieve its objective, we work under the following program

1. Communication Programme

The purpose of the communications programme is to ensure that youth have access to critical information and data that’s supports their work at different level

and facilitates their effective participation and capacity to influence outcomes from global, regional ,sub-region ,National and County  decision-making processes that impact their lives.

This is done through KYG blogs, Website , Facebook and Twitter

1.1 Information Product

The communication programme published a book focus on social Adaptation to Climate Change: Connecting population Growth, Reproductive Health, Gender and Adaptation to climate Change, Options in Kenya on International Policy.

1.2 Website, Blogs, face book, Google  groups and twitter.

KYG Website is very important www.kenyayounggreens.org and Kenya young greens face book page   is very useful tool for the organization as it provides basic information about the structure of the organization, its leadership and membership, program areas, Partners, Resources and Staff.

 1.3 Production of KYG Publications

  • KYG publications included a booklet produced on connecting population, Reproductive Health, Gender and Adaptation to Climate Change.
  • Population &climate change mapping in Kenya
  • Policy briefs on social Adaption to climate Change
  • Brief on programmatic Approaches on social Adaption to climate Change
  • Joint submission of views to the convention on Biological Diversity on relevant safeguard for REDD+.
  • Letter to chairs of REDD partnership.
  • Submission to the report partnership concerning the work, program for 2010

1.4 Mapping of Youth organizations in Kenya Data Base

KYG did a mapping of youth organization and came up with the following findings.


2. Advocacy Programme

Through the Advocacy programme KYG continue to play its pivotal role of mobilizing Youth to organize ,advocate and lobby for changes in the youth issues at International, Regional ,National and County  levels and positive changes in political, social and economical  policies and programmes in order to ensure that they are Youth responsive .

 In 2011 KYG undertook the following Activities

  • The 2011UN high Level meeting
  • 1st founding congress of The African Greens Federations
  • 2nd Global Young Greens Congress in Berlin Germany
  • International Youth Training camp in Cape Verde
  • COP 17 in South Africa
  • KYCN build-up activities towards COP 17, two meeting were held in Nairobi
  • Road to Rio +20 youth Regional meeting held in UNEP Nairobi
  • CAN  meeting held in Uganda and Ethiopia
  • HBF gender forums
  • MDGs Stand up Take Action Activities organized by United Nations Millennium Campaign African Office.
  • Planting of one million trees, in kakamega forest.
  • Clean up exercises within grassroots’ networks like KYG Thika ,Coast ,Vihiga, Kakamega,  Nairobi,  Nyeri, Mandera and Uasin- Ngishu chapters.

3. Capacity Building, training and networking, partnership programmes

The aim of KYG capacity building programme is to enhance knowledge and skills for young people that essential for their work. The activities undertaken in this programme include:

  • -Organizing Youth Training for different University students
  • -Organizing collaborative training activities, at national, regional and International Level.
  • -Facilitating Young Greens from Kenya to undertake Internships with other greens outside Kenya.
  • -Supporting Staff Training and Development .Networks and Partners.

4. Resource Mobilization

One of the main responsibilities of  KYG  is to strengthen its resource mobilization and as part of this process a number of project proposals has been developed, including:

  • Proposals developed to Heinrich Boll Foundation Regional office on Capacity building and strengthening KYG.
  • Proposal on Population Growth, Reproductive Health, Gender and Adaptation to climate Change.
  • Development of projects on KYG 4 thematic areas.
  • Working sessions with KYCN on the preparations for the COP 17.
  • The head of programme and the Chairperson also began the process of drafting a Resource Mobilization strategy .This was discussed by The Executive committee and remain the resource mobilization guide for KYG.

5 Researches and Documentation

Promote the research, development, transfer and use of improved energy-efficient technologies and practices, including endogenous technologies in all relevant sectors, giving special attention to the rehabilitation and modernization of power systems, with particular attention to developing countries.


KYG has two modes of membership:

  1. Corporate membership
  2. Individual Membership

This consists of grassroots networks working within KYG thematic areas. KYG tapped on already existing networks advocating for the same issues KYG is working on including the green agenda, climate change, peace building, etc. KYG also partners with the grassroots networks in fundraising to work on various issues.


KYG is open to everybody who:

  • Abides by the KYG Organisational Principles, statement of principles and Global Greens Charter
  • Welcomes and involves all genders as active and equal participants
  • Is open to all ethnic, religious and other minorities
  • Operates in a democratic and open manner with clear Rules and Procedures
  • Is financially honest, open and accountable.
  • Will abide by the rules of the KYG
  • Will not bring the KYG into disrepute.



CAMPUS GREENS is a proposed network of Chapters from various Universities and their campuses. This is in the spirit of attaining the following Goals:

  • Raising awareness on environmental issues among the youth at the University Level.
  • Empowering the Youth at a University level; through acquisition of skills and training.
  • Networking the youth at University level with each other and relevant people outside the Universities.
  • Creating a mentorship programme of University students.
  • Imparting leadership skills to youth at a University level.
  • Providing a platform for the youth at university level to air their views on issues and actively participate in tackling them.


PARKLANDS GREENS is the Chapter of Kenya Young Greens based in Parklands Campus School of law (University of Nairobi, Kenya)



More can be found at the KYG website : www.kenyayounggreens.org

The Parklands Greens Constitution is provided here:



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