Show me your friends and I will describe your character is a popular English saying that is bandied around, usually coming hot on the heels of the birds of the same feather allegory.  However, in the environmental landscape a new catch word seems to be springing up like summer grass: show me your dump-site and I will give you a barometer reading of your environmental consciousness. Our dirt tells a lot about our principles, what you call dirt tells me your values as a person. In this vein we, The Parklands Greens, have seen fit to make the journey to Thika to visit the Kang’uki dump site.

Come Friday, we shall undertake to view how waste management is carried out in the dump site, what amounts to dirt to people in the surroundings and the environmental impact of the dump site to the community.  We are tentatively planning on leaving from the Parklands Campus-School of Law at 9:00 am and hope to have wrapped the trip by 2:00 pm. All members and fellow stakeholders are invited and encouraged to walk the talk.

                                                                                        The Project Manager,


                                                                                        Parklands Greens


welcome all

Its my pleasure as the editor of the Parklands green initiative blog to welcome you all to this new,exciting and responsible venture. as we set out in our endeavor to make a better this world a better place than we found it, as B. Powell said. thank you all and welcome for the experience.